Within Today’s Bank Balance

Taken from Joanne Walmsley Sacred Scribes Australia (My notes in brown italics): ANGEL NUMBER 55 Number 55 carries the vibrations of adventure and versatility, curiosity, facing challenges, learning life lessons through experience, auspicious opportunities, idealism and activity, making positive life choices and important changes. (My note: The Fool in the Tarot, which just came up this morning as one of the energies that will... Continue Reading →

What is the Tarot? My Take

*taken from my Certified Biddy Tarot Application What is the Tarot? And how does the Tarot work?  Tarot is (in my opinion)a science (as yet unrecognized) that works with the energies within and around us, helping us to access information that may or may not be consciously available to us. Tarot, in this respect, is... Continue Reading →


"Being in charge means making decisions, no matter how unpleasant. If it's broke, fix it . . . you cannot let the mission suffer, or make the majority pay to spare the feelings of an individual." -Colin L. Powell, My American Journey 

  And then my Assistant rearranges it: My Assistant: She's had a hard day at work.

Seven Reasons Why . . .

. . . We Need Mister Rogers More Than Ever JUNE 6, 2018 BY PAUL ASAY, of Watching God Photo: Fred Rogers on the set of his show Mr. Rogers Neighborhood from the film, WON’T YOU BE MY NEIGHBOR?, a Focus Features release. Credit: Jim Judkis On Feb. 2, 1968—Groundhog Day—Simon & Garfunkel recorded the final version of... Continue Reading →

A Summer Evening’s Meditation

(entire poem) By Anna Laetitia Barbauld "Anna Barbauld's ‘A Summer Evening's Meditation’ is a late contribution to the cosmic voyage genre of poetry, which had enjoyed popularity during the first half of the eighteenth century. Studying the poem in the context of this literature calls attention to what is innovative about Barbauld's text: most notably,... Continue Reading →


Inspired by Frank Baum's "Glinda of Oz," I have decided to inform the children they may call me "Supreme Dictator" from now on.   https://youtu.be/HwNikMc8Qvk   ***UPDATE*** I told the 7 year old about preferring to be called Supreme Dictator. He said "Supreme Dictator?!!!! I'm not gonna call you that! I'm gonna call you MOMMY... Continue Reading →

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