And the Meek Shall Inherit the Earth

Children of the stars they say Reaching Shackled to our feet of clay . . . The coin that knows but one side Seeking Self-knowledge  history  denied. Almost comprehend, not quite Feeling Never growing to full height And stepping to an off beat Fated Trapped beneath the sun’s bright heat. Stars pattern in the night... Continue Reading →


Light breaks yet no one sees and fills the room with clarity Brilliance old fashioned style Men’s ties vibrate with spoken and unspoken color Charmed I’m sure beyond reasonable doubt In collective harmony the minds create collate thoughts and ideas matter and dreams probabilities counterparts and parts unknown Fragments of our imagination and selves exist... Continue Reading →

Implied Linear Time

change is motion, moment by moment all eternity dependent upon you memory hinges upon one moment un-tameable. moments. unapologetic. passing you by, sometimes speeding they don’t look back for you or cry as you cry for them, needing traces of time streak down your face knowledge is motion. moment by moment Copyright 1995 mds. All... Continue Reading →

102 Degrees F

She stands in the warmth of the sun, hot thighs pressed together purely for the pleasure of the feeling of skin against skin. There is tension in humidity. In the heightened suspension of water particle after water particle parading in the dampness of the wet, clinging, air. Her skin is strangely aware of itself at... Continue Reading →

The Difference

I bathe my face illicitly in the heat of the rising mist and then I begin to court disaster when I bare my naked fist. The people sit insipidly rolling their eyes at the sky pictures of aggressive indifference these people cannot fly. Or will not. As the case may be. The barren land before... Continue Reading →

Her Virtue Lies in One Hand . . .

Her Virtue lies in one hand, the other hold her Sin. She smiles at the disparity and shrugs her shoulder to begin. She breathes in life one day by day, one minute before the other Juggling the two like so many balls Ever mingling one with the other. To love her life is ambiguity, always... Continue Reading →

If It Were So Easy

walk away they say, and I pretend I don’t know what they mean walk away they say, and I wonder but will I be clean? walk away, gently, walk away walk away they say, repeating themselves, and are dismayed by my lack of attention, annoyed in this point of contention I know that I need... Continue Reading →

Darkened Rooms

darkened rooms dot the fiery landscape eerie in the shadows of impending gloom masking the startling evidence of the gloaming-apparent and they shimmer gods and goddesses step down from perfect pedestals greeting us with a kindness derived from the universe sniffing our hair to find the unfamiliar scent of modern day, the tell-tale traces of... Continue Reading →

Thy Rose

I would be thy Lady, if thou wouldst have me and in my submission, learn to be free I would be thy Lady, were it thy will in trust, I would learn to be still for a time, and then I would seduce thy ear with soft-spoken words becoming in the night all that thou... Continue Reading →

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