Grandfather Tree

wonderful way to start my morning, Thank you to Cheryl Mary Coleman for providing!


This poem is about an Australian eucalyptus gum tree that I call Grandfather Tree.  I live but a stones throw away and am greeted each morning by the sun rising through the limbs of this great tree as it peeps over our garden wall.

This magnificent old tree (which must be at least 200 years of age) is all that is left in our immediate area of the Gnangara Forest.   This is being slowly cleared and decimated to allow for homes like ours, which is extremely sad.  The tree is now a focal point of the local park surrounded by a small area of natural bush,  where families gather to play and walk their dogs.

Whilst walking my black Labrador Jet, around the park he darted off into the bush, and so following him under the canopy of the trees arrived at the huge base of Grandfather Tree.  I decided to sit…

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Full Moon July 2018

from Mystic Mamma TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE *Full Moon* in AquariusWhat is the salve that will soothe our wounds and calm our beating heart?The Mother. The great Mother of the Universe. The Mother of Creation, The Mother of us all. The Mother, the Mother, the Mother.We turn towards Great Mother Energy and it is her energy that... Continue Reading →

A letter to my rock-bottom

“Rock bottom became a solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.”
– J.K. Rowling

(taken from OJ’s Prides’ “We Strive to Thrive in Life” post

kuthu comma

Dear rock-bottom,

You have been taunting me for the past few years. You are using all your dirty tricks upon me. You hit me in my face and you pull apart my life like no one ever did. You just wanted to broke me financially,mentally, spiritually and socially. You hit me hard in all of my weakest places. You gripped your vices on me , you tried to take away my happiness, my dreams and my hopes.

I know why you are so merciless to everyone. Because people curse you, hate you and they wanted to drive you away. So you taunt them more, you just want to break everyone ,hit them hard.

Somehow , you broke me technically,but not completely. You know why?

Because I choose to embrace you,no matter how vicious you are I still like you🤗. And I accepted my rock bottom as the blank slate where…

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Pretty amazing poem.



From within, the earth rumbles, there’s heated liquid like blood,

Beating as a heart beats, energy, and life, power inside a complicated world.

Rise to the surface, thoughts, and wisdom, to learn becomes the brain not seen,

The flowing wind and air stand to be the breath, lungs of the land.

The moon that rests beyond the sky, the stars and planets that watch up high,

The eyes of the world could only be our creator god invisible to our sight.

Is it sadness in the world or tears of joy that make the sky cry,

A sacrifice as the water drops fall sustaining life and keeping beauty in sight.

Everything hears everything, ears of the land are everywhere,

The world lives as we live, take for granted and many things can do us in.

Keith Garrett

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A Summer Evening’s Meditation

(entire poem) By Anna Laetitia Barbauld "Anna Barbauld's ‘A Summer Evening's Meditation’ is a late contribution to the cosmic voyage genre of poetry, which had enjoyed popularity during the first half of the eighteenth century. Studying the poem in the context of this literature calls attention to what is innovative about Barbauld's text: most notably,... Continue Reading →

Gemini Ink Writers Conference in San Antonio, July 2018 — O at the Edges

Gemini Ink Writers Conference in San Antonio, July 2018 This 3-day conference has quite the line up in poetry, with renowned poet and editor Veronica Golos, Pulitzer Prize winner Vijay Seshadri, and Ruth Lilly Prize winner and Pulitzer Prize finalist Martín Espada. I can’t pass up this opportunity, and have already registered for Veronica Golos’s […]... Continue Reading →

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