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taken from: . Great place for lunar horoscopes! My Moon is in Sag, so this is for all Moon in Sags, but if you hit their site you can look up your Moon reading too!


Instead of looking at your Star/Zodiac Sign, this Lunar Horoscope reveals the guidance of your Sagittarius Moon Sign. Not your Moon Sign? Click here.

Energies of abundance are entering your house this week, Lunar Sagittarius, opening up opportunities to pursue new business or entrepreneurial ideas and generally improve your finances. This is a great start to the year for you as it could translate to a boost to your money, but also a sense of security and stability. Start thinking long term about what you want the rest of the year to look like, you are feeling optimistic about the future and the more you embrace that optimism, the greater the abundance you will attract into your life.

That’s not all that impacts you this week, Lunar Sagittarius. There is also a potent Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio which rises on February 4th. This lunation represents a descent into unconsciousness to find hidden parts of ourselves ripe for change. Following the intensity of the recent Full Moon, and the awareness that it provided, this moon acts as a point of inflection where we choose what new truths to hold onto and what to release.

Represented by the decreasing light of the Last Quarter Moon, this journey into the subliminal and unconscious world that Scorpio rules can be a bit nerve wracking at times. It is a place of mystery and truth, one where you can access parts of yourself that have normally remained hidden or repressed. That is why this moon is such a powerful tool for introspection.

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