What Tarot Can Be

“The tarot serves us as a pack of possibilities, a divination of the divine, a dynamic reflection of the psyche, a search engine of the soul, a GPS of the spiritual journey, and a mirror of our dreams. In coming face to face with the seventy-eight images of a tarot deck, we are only coming face to face with ourselves.

We may be surprised, then, to see in those very depths the same heights our soul seeks, reflected endlessly in a single universal face – one with the seventy-eight diverse expressions of a tarot deck.”

Practical Tarot Techniques: Your Essential Tool Kit for Better Readings, by Marcus Katz & Tali Goodwin

Chariots in The Flow

This is the week.

“Behind the chariot flows a wide river, symbolic of the need to be ‘in flow’ with the rhythm of life while also charging ahead toward your goals and intentions . . .

“The Chariot is a card of willpower, determination and strength. You have discovered how to make decisions in alignment with your values with the Lovers card, and now you are taking action on those decisions.”

“The Chariot is an invitation to draw upon your willpower and home in on what’s essential to you, so you can push past the obstacles in your way . . .

“If you are curious about whether you have what it takes to achieve your aim or complete an important project, the Chariot is a sign you will be successful so long as you keep your focus and remain confident in your abilities . . .

“You need to use your willpower and self-discipline to concentrate on the task at hand. You can’t cut corners or take the easy route, or you will fail. Instead, see this endeavour as a test of your strength and conviction, and recognise that victory is within reach, but it’s up to you to follow through
. . .

” The Chariot calls you to assert yourself and be courageous. Be bold in expressing your desires and laying down your boundaries; otherwise, you will not get your way. You need to have faith in yourself and know fundamentally who you are and what you stand for (thus building off the personal belief systems and values established through the Lovers card).”

– Biddy Tarot

This is where I am right now, finally. After 48 years of trying to crack the code.

Biddy Card of the Week

Taken from the Biddy E-Blast with my notes inserted:
The card drawn for this week is the The Chariot reversed :
“Do you ever feel like you’re banging your head against a brick wall
as you try to force your way through obstacles that are standing in
the way of what you want? Trying to move forward with projects
when everything seems to be getting in the way?”

This has been my whole life.

“The Chariot reversed indicates that it may be time to back off,
regroup and consider whether you need to change direction.”


I seem to be a week or so ahead of the general energy lately. I did this
(advice) a few weeks ago and have already begun to resolve my issues and
situations regarding this. So the Chariot reversed for me seems more like

one of the interpretation methods where you take the upright card and
apply it INTERNALLY, or those energies HAVE BEEN applied internally

This is what I’ve already done recently:

“Before taking action, the reversed Chariot may be a hint that you
are focusing your energy and attention on your internal processes,
such as self-discipline, inner determination and personal
commitment. You may home in on the intentions that align with your Higher Self. Or, you can use visualisation and meditation to make
sure your energy aligns with your goals. These internally focused
actions are essential so that when the time comes to act, you will be

For the upright meanings, see Biddy Tarot’s page here:


“If you’ve lost your motivation for something you were once
passionate about, and no longer feel as committed to the outcome as you did when you started, take some time to tune into your intuition. Re-evaluate the situation and check in to see if this requires a course change or if you just need a refresh.

Then ask the Tarot:

“Is there a deeper reason why things have become more challenging? What lesson can I learn here?”

Queen of Pentacles Reversed: Biddy Card of the Week

For me, this week, this card is very much about taking some much needed time to REST, and do a minimum amount of work. Not just resting, but healing BY resting, and by just allowing myself to BE, as opposed to working to “fix” myself.

2016 and 2017 were very difficult years for me, and I couldn’t figure out why the wounds are still very much present. But I think it may be because my attitude has been “okay, I’ll hurry up and feel this pain and move on.” Last week l decided to just accept it and walk with it and SIT with it.

And I guess I made the right call because 2 days in, for the first time since 2016, I started feeling like giving a fuck about my appearance. : )

So for the moment, I am doing whatever I want each day unless I really have an obligation to meet or task to complete. The income I’ve put in place supports it, and I”m taking it, just as if I was recovering from a major physical injury. I wish I’d known to do this sooner, but I”m stubborn and it takes a year or two for me to figure out that all my fighting isn’t getting me anywhere lol!

All information taken from Biddy Tarot website:

Reversed Keywords:

Financial independence, self-care, work-home conflict.

Radiant Rider Waite


When the Queen of Pentacles is upright, you are focused on nurturing and providing for others; when reversed, you are turning that caring energy to yourself. You are creating financial independence, perhaps working for yourself, starting your own business or supporting your lifestyle with your income. You may still be in a partnership or family, but you are keen to ensure that you can sustain your own lifestyle, now and in the future, by yourself. You may have a separate savings account or a long-term investment plan to ensure that you can take care of yourself if need be.

The Queen of Pentacles reversed also suggests that you are nurturing yourself on a personal level. You may be preparing nutritious meals, going on retreat alone, and generally paying more attention to yourself and your needs. You are tending to yourself, knowing that to care for others, you need to first care for yourself. Trust that work and family can survive without you for a short period of time while you focus on you.

Image processed by CodeCarvings Piczard

At times, the reversed Queen of Pentacles can reveal that your work and home life are out of balance and you are putting too much of your attention in one area to the detriment of the other. On the one hand, you may be very consumed by your job, spending long hours at the office, travelling for business or bringing your work home. On the other hand, your home and family life may be taking over, and you are unable to give your attention to your work. This might work on a temporary basis, but the ultimate goal is to integrate your work and home lives so that they are (mostly) in balance. You may also find a release by returning to a favourite nature spot and allowing yourself to take in this fresh, natural energy.

Similarly, an inverted Queen of Pentacles can point to an inner conflict when it comes to balancing work and personal priorities. Despite trying to make it work, you may consistently feel that you’re not giving enough of your attention to either your work or home life. Sometimes, you just cannot do everything, and you will need to make some choices about where your priorities truly lie. You may also need to make new agreements with your partner or your boss so that you do not feel over-committed to one area. Seeking out additional home help, such as a cleaner, nanny or housekeeper, may also help you feel more at ease.

Test Reading: Last Paycheck

Testing for accuracy. Test Running a spread. Also shows the thought process behind my readings. Shows how the Tarot can be applied as a tool to the simplest of situations and questions. This is why I only charge 5US$ sometimes, depending upon the simplicity of the question.

Thoughts and Interpretations from readers welcome!!!

The Question is “Is my (missing) paycheck forthcoming soon (in the mail, etc.) and I just don’t know it?”

I didn’t think to clarify as I was shuffling that “is it forthcoming without my having to call HR first?” So I may have to do this again.

I did a Three Card Spread:

1. Truth of the Situation
2. What I Need to Know
3. Answer

I pulled the cards that are shown below:

1. King of Wands
2. Queen of Pentacles
3. Nine of Cups

The Answer to the Question

So, of course, the first thing I looked at was the Nine of Cups as the Answer card, and it’s a great card for a Yes/No question, most usually means a resounding “YES!” So I”m happy with that. I take that to mean my MIA paycheck is on the way and I’m just not aware of it yet.

So maybe check is in mail, or maybe I have to go up and get it, who knows. I’m double checking on that now.

The Nine of Cups is a smug, happy guy; he’s gotten what he wants. That bodes well for me in this case.

Truth of Situation

The next card I look at is the first one, the Truth of the Situation, the King of Wands.

The first things that pop into my mind are that Kings are about Authority, and Wands are about Passionate Feelings. This King is angled away from the viewer with his left arm presenting. The left arm is controlled by the right brain. (Which is how I deal with Left and Right sides symbolism in my readings.) The Right Brain deals with intuition, spirituality, Creativity, the Arts, etc. This King is sitting and just thinking about things, or about something.

He’s not about action yet. He’s not using his Fire actively or externally yet; he is more contemplating what he should do for the moment. I’d say that’s accurate to what I am doing right now. I didn’t see my pay deposited Friday; I waited til today (Monday) to see if maybe it was in the mailbox before taking any action, and now I am contacting employer to see if maybe I was supposed to go pick up and I just didn’t know it.

It’s worth noting that he holds his Wand in his Right Hand, denoting the Left Brain and Logic/Reason. When he does take action, it will be logic ruled. This also is accurate for me.

Sometimes the Truth card will tell you Truths you are not aware of. So far, this one is only telling me where I am on my part, which I already know, but which validates that I shuffled effectively and that the rest of this spread is most likely accurate as well. Which is always nice to know.

This King has a lot of power but also a lot of self control, as all the Kings do. This tells me that I am handling this situation in the right manner and that I”m right to evaluate before taking action.

Finally, this King if facing away from the Nine of Cups. He’s not focused yet on making his desires manifest. He’s more waiting and seeing if the situation will rectify itself before wasting time and energy trying to force the issue. Again, this is accurate for my frame of mind and response.

What I Need to Know

And finally we have the Queen of Pentacles in the What I Need to Know position.

The first thing that comes to mind with her is that she also, is facing away from the Nine of Cups. Does this mean I”m too overly focused on my material security? More than I need to be, perhaps? This Queen has a very fertile kingdom but she doesn’t realize the Nine of Cups is right there next to her, it seems like. She’s angled towards the King of Wands, who is contemplating what action to take. The rabbit, a symbol of fertility, is also not just pointed away from the Nine of Cups, but actively running away from him.

Which does reinforce for me, the feeling that this may be advice to not worry and that worry is needless. No one in this card is acknowledging the Nine of Cups at all. They’re not seeing that it will be resolved very satisfactorily. They’re very comfortable and in no danger of poverty in this card. This Queen is also looking down at the huge pentacle she holds in her lap, which to me also could be a symbol of focusing too exclusively on material security. She’s not even looking at the rabbit, much less at the Nine of Cups. She’s not looking at anything around her. Just the pentacle in her lap. The over-sized pentacle in her lap.

So as far as I can tell, What I Need to Know most likely means “Stop worrying.”

And again, a look at their comparative positions to one another:

This spread is made of three different elements, which means it’s fairly well balanced. The only element lacking is the Swords, which means I may be focusing too much with my emotions, my passionate feelings, and my material concern than with any kind of overtly logical thought. Though I picked up on “logic” when I was looking at the King of Wands, so that makes me not too concerned about that.

The summary would be that waiting is fine, nothing is in any peril, and it will work out in the end. Which tells me to go ahead and wait til I hear back from my employer regarding my inquiry about it. If I don’t hear back from them, say, by Friday, I will go ahead and call HR. In which case, it will certainly be the Nine of Cups in the end, because I KNOW HR will resolve this if the individual store does not.

So we’ll see how accurate this pans out to be as the situation unfolds.

And if anyone else has any thoughts to offer, please do!

Six of Swords, Dickens Style

Little bit of a different take on the Six of Swords… not just leaving something unsatisfactory behind for a new future, but leaving something unsatisfactory to the extent of being dangerous … in favor of traveling to somewhere safe.

And the journey itself not being quite as serene as the card imagery depicts … but really emphasizing the choppy waters on the right of the craft … the journey itself being dangerous the whole way through.

And then … in the following story … the ending isn’t what you are traditionally told to expect in the Six of Swords. It’s a very Swordsie ending.


“And now indeed I felt as if my last anchor were loosening its hold, and I should soon be driving with the winds and waves. “
Great Expectations, by Charles Dickens


And taken from Chapter 52 of the same:

‘I have thought it over, again and again,’ said Herbert, ‘and I think I know a better course than taking a Thames waterman. Take Startop. A good fellow, a skilled hand, fond of us, and enthusiastic and honourable.’

I had thought of him, more than once.

‘But how much would you tell him, Herbert?’

‘It is necessary to tell him very little. Let him suppose it a mere freak, but a secret one, until the morning comes: then let him know that there is urgent reason for your getting Provis aboard and away. You go with him?’

‘No doubt.’


It had seemed to me, in the many anxious considerations I had given the point, almost indifferent what port we made for – Hamburg, Rotterdam, Antwerp – the place signified little, so that he was got out of England. Any foreign steamer that fell in our way and would take us up, would do. I had always proposed to myself to get him well down the river in the boat; certainly well beyond Gravesend, which was a critical place for search or inquiry if suspicion were afoot. As foreign steamers would leave London at about the time of high-water, our plan would be to get down the river by a previous ebb-tide, and lie by in some quiet spot until we could pull off to one. The time when one would be due where we lay, wherever that might be, could be calculated pretty nearly, if we made inquiries beforehand.

Herbert assented to all this, and we went out immediately after breakfast to pursue our investigations. We found that a steamer for Hamburg was likely to suit our purpose best, and we directed our thoughts chiefly to that vessel. But we noted down what other foreign steamers would leave London with the same tide, and we satisfied ourselves that we knew the build and colour of each. We then separated for a few hours; I, to get at once such passports as were necessary; Herbert, to see Startop at his lodgings. We both did what we had to do without any hindrance, and when we met again at one o’clock reported it done. I, for my part, was prepared with passports; Herbert had seen Startop, and he was more than ready to join.

Those two should pull a pair of oars, we settled, and I would steer; our charge would be sitter, and keep quiet; as speed was not our object, we should make way enough. We arranged that Herbert should not come home to dinner before going to Mill Pond Bank that evening; that he should not go there at all, to-morrow evening, Tuesday; that he should prepare Provis to come down to some Stairs hard by the house, on Wednesday, when he saw us approach, and not sooner; that all the arrangements with him should be concluded that Monday night; and that he should be communicated with no more in any way, until we took him on board. These precautions well understood by both of us, I went home.

The Aces

Every morning I sit on my sofa with my coffee and am blessed enough to be able to watch the sunrise out the front door. Sitting there, I realized that Ace energy is present every single morning with every single sunrise.

Not quite my view, but you get the idea. Could correlate with the Ace of Wands.

And I realized also, in a more visceral manner than the intellectual manner I had previously understood Ace energy, I realized it is also present in each new birth.

“My hair! I”m not ready!” My first thought was Ace of Cups, but Ace of Pentacles is very apt as well. The emotional aspect, as well as the birth waters, but Pentacles because humans are so tied to the earth, and every creation of a new human is a new earthly creation.

In each empty page before a writer begins to write:

Ace of Swords, Ideas

As well as every empty canvas before an artist begins to paint:

Another Ace of Wands, Creativity

9 of Swords

(italics mine)

“Guilty Conscience”- is a key phrase I never really connected with the Nine of Swords until seeing the above graphic after listening to the various parts in Great Expectations where the protagonist Pip is tormented by anxiety after committing some heinous (to him) deed that he was sure he was going to be punished for. The first glimpse we get of the Nine of Swords in Pip’s experience is after he has agreed to steal food and a file for an escaped convict:

from Chapter Two:

“My thoughts strayed from that question as I looked disconsolately at the fire. For, the fugitive out on the marshes with the ironed leg, the mysterious young man, the file, the food, and the dreadful pledge I was under to commit a larceny on those sheltering premises, rose before me in the avenging coals.” (Dickens)



“Conscience is a dreadful thing when it accuses man or boy; but when, in the case of a boy, that secret burden cooperates with another secret burden down the leg of his trousers, it is (as I can testify) a great punishment. The guilty knowledge that I was going to rob Mrs. Joe – I never thought I was going to rob Joe, for I never thought of any of the housekeeping property as his – united to the necessity of always keeping one hand on my bread-and-butter as I sat, or when I was ordered about the kitchen on any small errand, almost drove me out of my mind. Then, as the marsh winds made the fire glow and flare I thought I heard the voice outside, of the man with the iron on his leg who had sworn me to secrecy, declaring that he couldn’t and wouldn’t starve until to-morrow, but must be fed now. At other times, I thought, What if the young man who was with so much difficulty restrained from imbruing his hands in me, should yield to a constitutional impatience, or should mistake the time, and should think himself accredited to my heart and liver to-night, instead of to-morrow! If ever anybody’s hair stood on end with terror, mine must have done so then. But, perhaps, nobody’s ever did?

It was Christmas Eve, and I had to stir the pudding for next day, with a copper-stick, from seven to eight by the Dutch clock. I tried it with the load upon my leg (and that made me think afresh of the man with the load on his leg), and found the tendency of exercise to bring the bread-and butter out at my ankle, quite unmanageable. Happily, I slipped away, and deposited that part of my conscience in my garret bedroom.”



“I was never allowed a candle to light me to bed, and, as I went upstairs in the dark, with my head tingling – from Mrs. Joe’s thimble having played the tambourine upon it, to accompany her last words – I felt fearfully sensible of the great convenience that the Hulks were handy for me. I was clearly on my way there. I had begun by asking questions, and I was going to rob Mrs. Joe.

Since that time, which is far enough away now, I have often thought that few people know what secrecy there is in the young, under terror. No matter how unreasonable the terror, so that it be terror. I was in mortal terror of the young man who wanted my heart and liver; I was in mortal terror of my interlocutor with the ironed leg; I was in mortal terror of myself, from whom an awful promise had been extracted; I had no hope of deliverance through my all powerful sister, who repulsed me at every turn; I am afraid to think of what I might have done, on requirement, in the secrecy of my terror.

If I slept at all that night, it was only to imagine myself drifting down the river on a strong spring-tide, to the Hulks; a ghostly pirate calling out to me through a speaking-trumpet, as I passed the gibbet-station, that I had better come ashore and be hanged there at once, and not put it off. I was afraid to sleep, even if I had been inclined, for I knew that at the first faint dawn of morning I must rob the pantry. There was no doing it in the night, for there was no getting a light by easy friction then; to have got one, I must have struck it out of flint and steel, and have made a noise like
the very pirate himself rattling his chains.

As soon as the great black velvet pall outside my little window was shot with grey, I got up and went down stairs; every board upon the way, and every crack in every board,
calling after me, ‘Stop thief!’ and ‘Get up, Mrs. Joe!’ In the pantry, which was far more abundantly supplied than usual, owing to the season, I was very much alarmed, by a hare hanging up by the heels, whom I rather thought I caught, when my back was half turned, winking. I had no time for verification, no time for selection, no time for anything, for I had no time to spare. “




Within Today’s Bank Balance

Taken from Joanne Walmsley Sacred Scribes Australia (My notes in brown italics):


Number 55 carries the vibrations of adventure and versatility, curiosity, facing challenges, learning life lessons through experience, auspicious opportunities, idealism and activity, making positive life choices and important changes. (My note: The Fool in the Tarot, which just came up this morning as one of the energies that will be or are the staples of my financial wellbeing)
Angel Number 55 is a message from your angels (or guides, inner guidance, etc.) that it is time to let go of the ‘old’ that is no longer positively serving you, and get ready for big changes to take place in your life. Release old doubts, fears and perceived obstacles and look forward to wonderful new opportunities. (The Six of Swords that also turned up this morning as one of the staple energies that make up my financial well being. If the next paragraph turns out to mirror the Justice card I will pee my pants. Of course – I’m older – the odds of my peeing myself are very high at any given time anyway, so truthfully … that wouldn’t be any great spiritual guidance from above striking like lightning)

55 angel number virtue


Angel Number 55 tells you to keep a positive attitude about the ‘new’ entering your life and keep an open mind as to the opportunities presenting to you. Keep in mind that everything happens for a reason and nothing happens by chance, so even though the reason/s for the changes may not be clear at this point, trust that all will fall into place for you. These changes have come about so that you can break free from old restraints and constraints and freely pursue your soul mission and life purpose as a spiritual being.

The angels ask that you cast off old shackles and constraints, be true to yourself and live your life with passion (one of the things that came up in my Fool card, actually all through all three cards, in the color red that presented in all three – “the energy that propels me”) and purpose(“the energy that propels me – propels ALL OF US).

Be prepared for huge changes when repeating Angel Number 55 appears.

Number 55 also relates to number 1 (5+5=10, 1+0=1) and Angel Number 1(I hadn’t thought about this or even been aware of doubling the number and then seeing what that    comes down to.) 

My Gematria expert friend no longer has her blog on WordPress; I need to get into my email and track her down!
The fives in my bank balance were flanked by two “2”s.   

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