What Tarot Can Be

"The tarot serves us as a pack of possibilities, a divination of the divine, a dynamic reflection of the psyche, a search engine of the soul, a GPS of the spiritual journey, and a mirror of our dreams. In coming face to face with the seventy-eight images of a tarot deck, we are only coming... Continue Reading →

Chariots in The Flow

This is the week. "Behind the chariot flows a wide river, symbolic of the need to be ‘in flow’ with the rhythm of life while also charging ahead toward your goals and intentions . . . "The Chariot is a card of willpower, determination and strength. You have discovered how to make decisions in alignment... Continue Reading →

Biddy Card of the Week

Taken from the Biddy E-Blast with my notes inserted:The card drawn for this week is the The Chariot reversed :"Do you ever feel like you’re banging your head against a brick wall as you try to force your way through obstacles that are standing in the way of what you want? Trying to move forward with... Continue Reading →

Test Reading: Last Paycheck

Testing for accuracy. Test Running a spread. Also shows the thought process behind my readings. Shows how the Tarot can be applied as a tool to the simplest of situations and questions. This is why I only charge 5US$ sometimes, depending upon the simplicity of the question. Thoughts and Interpretations from readers welcome!!! The Question... Continue Reading →

Six of Swords, Dickens Style

Little bit of a different take on the Six of Swords... not just leaving something unsatisfactory behind for a new future, but leaving something unsatisfactory to the extent of being dangerous ... in favor of traveling to somewhere safe. And the journey itself not being quite as serene as the card imagery depicts ... but... Continue Reading →

The Aces

Every morning I sit on my sofa with my coffee and am blessed enough to be able to watch the sunrise out the front door. Sitting there, I realized that Ace energy is present every single morning with every single sunrise. Not quite my view, but you get the idea. Could correlate with the Ace... Continue Reading →

9 of Swords

(italics mine) "Guilty Conscience"- is a key phrase I never really connected with the Nine of Swords until seeing the above graphic after listening to the various parts in Great Expectations where the protagonist Pip is tormented by anxiety after committing some heinous (to him) deed that he was sure he was going to be... Continue Reading →

Within Today’s Bank Balance

Taken from Joanne Walmsley Sacred Scribes Australia (My notes in brown italics): ANGEL NUMBER 55 Number 55 carries the vibrations of adventure and versatility, curiosity, facing challenges, learning life lessons through experience, auspicious opportunities, idealism and activity, making positive life choices and important changes. (My note: The Fool in the Tarot, which just came up this morning as one of the energies that will... Continue Reading →

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