Who’s in Charge Here?

Seventy Eight Degrees of Wisdom by Rachel Pollack has lengthy paragraphs describing the Church’s role in the guidance of Humanity with regards to this card. After reading, what I come away with is

“Who’s in Charge?”

I drew it in answer to the question “I’ve got this strong feeling of anxiety; I don’t like it; I don’t want to feel this; what’s the best thing I can do to address it? What does it need from me?”

And I drew the Hierophant

My first thought was the obvious “Talk to a therapist.” That’s reasonable advice.

I sat with it a while, looked at the imagery, nothing’s really popping out for me; he’s got a red robe; the pillars look strong; blah blah blah. The coins have crosses on them, that’s interesting.

Switched my focus from visual to feeling, and immediately got a feeling of Security. Of keybeing Established. Which of course leads to “establishment,” which is what the card traditionally means. Just this very secure feeling of Belonging and that Belonging not being threatened in any way. Sitting in a very strong, established, non challenged, place. The energy was just overwhelmingly that of a key fitting into a lock, a hand in a glove, you get the idea. 

I started thinking about what could have triggered my anxiety and fear, and I remembered that (God forbid,) I had been “talking to boys” this past week. Which doesn’t cause “normal” people anxiety but it does me – hence my decision to take dating off the table for at least a year. So that I could give my Root Chakra a rest for a while, let it heal, and establish a strong foundation of feeling safe and secure before re-entering the dating world. So I had been chatting with various exes this week because of the holidays, catching up, the normal thing, and felt tempted to start dating again – that was apparently enough to trigger the anxiety. 

I’ve done work with my subconscious Self (inner child / whatever label you want to give it) in the past, and it’s worked really well for me to give respect to my internal Self that may not be ready for the same things that my external conscious Self is. I had let my subconscious know I was listening – and in the event I entered a realm where I wasn’t totally comfortable – all it had to do was let me know and I would honor it by backing up til a comfort level was reached again. Equilibrium I guess you could say. (It worked really well if anyone else wants to give it a try.)   

(It’s worth noting also that there is symbolism within this card representing the three tiers of consciousness: the subconscious, the conscious, and the super conscious). 

This time – I guess I”m getting more comfortable with loosening my grip – I proposed and agreed to let my subconscious fully run the show. WHICH SHOULD BE INTERESTING lol!!!!! God knows how I will actually put this into practice; I have some vague idea of letting my instincts guide me, tapping more into my internal child Self, going with the flow of what I want rather than dictating to myself via logic what I will do…. 

Long story short, the advice of this card turned out to be ….Who’s in charge? Can you put someone else in charge for a while? Can another part of yourself lead the way instead? Do things have to be done only one certain way?” 

As well as to give some thought to the foundations we may be working with – “Are they strong enough? Are you coming from a place of strength? Are there some ways you can shore existing foundations up stronger? ” 

The-Hierophant-Bldg Beautiful Souls.jpg


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Horses in the Tarot (Rider Waite)

Inspired by the Knight of Wands exploration, I went through the entire Rider Waite deck and pulled out the cards featuring horses that are in addition to the four Knights.

I found three. Interestingly, all the horses have riders and all the pairs are traveling in the same direction, to the right (and future?). Two are Major Arcana, one is Minor. The Minor Arcana card was of the Wands suit.  ALL the horses are WHITE. There is an object in the shape of an orb and in similar placement in all three cards: the sun in the Sun card, the laurel wreath in the Six of Wands, and … what is apparently the White Rose of the House of York, in the Death card.

Also interesting, is the fact that these three could easily symbolize the three major phases of our biological life span: Childhood, Adulthood, and Older Age. 

Lined up numerically, they would be:

Since the originators of the Tarot cards didn’t do anything by accident, this is interesting to explore as well. The numbers are 6, 13, and 19. If looked at still as the three major phases of biological lifespans, the Sun would be in the Older Age and Endings placement. If we think about it, our infancy and childhood really is the beginning of our biological decay – our spirits are eternal but the bodies we incarnate into are not, and they begin dying the minute the leave the womb.

I suppose Death could be feasible in the Adulthood placement too, as it is possible it is meant to remind us that our entire lives are illusions of life, and that as adults, we are in full blown Death phase? Could be.

And the Six of Wands in the Childhood placement. When a child is born, it is generally celebrated and heralded with joy and adulation. That is true. So even though the figure in this card is an adult, the adulation he receives could be said to be reminiscent of the birth of a new baby. So I guess that could make sense.

Horses generally symbolize Freedom, so freedom is a theme that will be found somewhere, somehow in each of these cards, as well as in the cards of the Knights:

Www.pure-spirit.com says that “Although the horse was present in many different cultures, they represent the same concepts of freedom and power.  In some cultures, white horses stand for the balance of wisdom and power.  In others, like Christianity, the white horse is a symbol of death.  The horse is a universal symbol of freedom without restraint, because riding a horse made people feel they could free themselves from their own bindings.  Also linked with riding horses, they are symbols of travel, movement, and desire.”

All seven of these cards do indeed do mark a transition from one sate of being into another. The Six of Wands takes a person from obscurity to acclaim. Death, from one plane of existence to another; the Sun, from darkness to light. And the Knights are all about movement and change within their respective elements and suits.

And finally, its interesting that there are seven of these cards. Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom, by Rachel Pollack separates the Major Arcana into sets of seven with each set representing a phase of enlightenment while on earth.

Could this set of seven cards as a whole also be representative of something important in the experience of a soul?


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The Wheel of Fortune, Real World Style

So I go  to Subway to put in an application because my retail job only gives me 9 hours a week.

I accidentally walk in a pizza place that is hiring.

They are in desperate need for someone to work a shift that is PERFECT for me.

I go back to confirm and the place is boarded up. lol!

Turns out a car drove through their front window, and no one knows when they will reopen.

My head is spinning from the Wheel turning, flipping, and turning again, but okay, I roll with it, TraLaLa as Jareth the Goblin King would say.

I drive past today and construction workers are hard at work putting the front of the pizza place back together.

So I”m going back and leaving a note next time I’m up the road!

Plus drop the Subway application off.

Note: The Wheel can mean literally a vehicle or a journey in a vehicle. Cosmic Humor there.


This is the Wheel of Fortune in a nutshell. Or a single week. Whatever.

For the traditional meanings of the Wheel, you can visit Biddy Tarot

I’m going to go take my dizziness prescription meds.

wheel of fortune. radiant rider waite

The Hermit in Love

(Feature Image from Sacred Circle Tarot, by Anna Franklin and illustrated by Paul Mason.)

Remember this guy?. My little Hermit?

hermit 2

Well he’s been free range in my bedroom a while now in my bedroom, and he’s really liking it, comes out of his basket once in a while even!

free range dandi

Well, he’s figured out there’s a female living in the living room. 

And now he spends his time casually hanging out by my bedroom door, in case she happens to see him .. he acts just like a teenager. The attitude is exactly the same! “Ohh I just happen to be here, looking cool…. for no reason whatsoever…. even though I usually live in a basket…!” He’s lucky he hasn’t been stepped on.

I present to you, the Hermit in Love:

the hermit in love

(I used the Sacred Circle deck’s Lovers card for the feature image because it captures how he is acting better than Rider Waite does. To read some reviews of this pagan deck, click here.)

The Fool and Star Wars

(Feature Image: Illustration by Elan Rodger Trinidad / Theory of Everything)

* * *

lol I played PS4’s Star Wars I for the first time today! (7 year old been asking forever for me too, and in order to celebrate our rainy Saturday at home, I said YES finally).

I feel the Fool’s energy in this because I made a jump and tried something brand new and the experience was HILARIOUS and fun! And there was no control anywhere in the equation.

So this is what the screen of my games looked like:

  • My Power Hungry Shooting Spree as a … that metal thingie that walks around…

tree 1   tree 2.jpg  tree 3.jpg

That’s what I did. Mowed down trees for a while…. I didn’t kill anybody except the poor trees. Alex was HORRIFIED. Because I am a tree friend in real life! I tapped into a whole different side of myself lol!!!! But that’s another Tarot card for another day!

  • When I got stuck IN A BUSH. And had to be jet packed out BY MY 7 YEAR OLD. This is what that looked like:

bush 3.jpg

Until Alex took the controller and jet packed me out of it. I was too panicked and hysterical and wouldn’t know a jet pack if it smacked me in the face anyway. Thank God he was there.

  • When I got squished by accident. By a falling ATST:

atst 2

That was pretty traumatic, seeing that thing coming down on top of me.

  • The many times I died: Many. Multiple. I can’t find any pictures of the death screen surrounded in red … I guess it’s not something other players brag about. I, however, have to work with what I’ve got.
  • When I got shot at.
  • I spent a lot of time doing this:

looking up.jpg

With Alex yelling “MOM! PULL DOWN!!!!!!!” lol Until I finally figured out how to aim myself … and walk at THE SAME TIME.

  • My most challenging moment (besides getting shot at and squished by an ATST … learning to follow a path!

path 3

Harder than it looks.

And without my path and surroundings turning into this:

gray place.jpg

Seasoned Battlefront players will understand this pic. I got sick of the gray areas! But Alex said (and I agree) that I would never survive playing online so I had to deal with the limitations of the offline game.

In the end,

… we came to the conclusion that “Mommy can’t survive on her own. At all.” lol!!!!

The Hermit in Daily Life


*Inaugural Tarot Post*


The Hermit can come into our lives in some surprising ways.

I actually live with a guinea pig who exemplifies the Hermit’s energies as much as I’ve ever seen anyone do. This pig is my 7 year old’s; his name is Dandilion. He looks like this when he is visible (sitting on my 14 year old’s shoulder):


Most of the time though, he looks like this:

hermit 1

Kind of like a turtle, Dandi has a basket home he is very attached to. He is so attached to it, he takes it with him when he moves around his cage. He doesn’t need to come out to eat . . . he and his basket just mosey on up to the food bowl and eclipse it, and he eats from there:

hermit 2Dandi doesn’t need to snuggle, or chat, or leave his basket. He is perfectly happy to sit inside it for days at a time, just contemplating his own existence. He condescends to poke his nose out of his little window only if he thinks he hears me coming with a snack. And if I do? He takes it from me and pulls it into the safety of his little turtle shell home.

Every time I look over and see this sight, it makes me laugh and think of the Hermit of the Tarot. Except Dandi doesn’t need a lamp. Or a staff. Just his basket.

For more in depth information about this Trump card, you can visit The Hermit Tarot Meanings page of Biddy Tarot.

To book a Tarot reading and find out which Trump you most resemble, either comment below, email me at fiery.kaleidoscope@gmail.com, or text me at 410.490.6357. We can blog the results ! 


Fiery K.



Biddy Card of the Week, Strength Reversed

“I’ve been taking these stutter steps towards my future for a long time now, unsure if I can do it, unsure if my difficulties are just growing pains or permanent disability. I need to take a lot of breaks to rest and re-group, but even if I have to hop instead of fly most of the time, I keep going. Just like the little bird.” 

– The Little Bird, by Rachel Mankowitz

* * * *

Biddy Tarot’s Card of the Week is Strength, reversed.

Biddy Tarot says that:

“This week, you may be feeling exhausted and in need of an energy boost. Remember, all your energy reserves and strength come from within. Take some time out this week to pause and reflect, and gather up your energy. Even though you may be lacking in strength, vitality and energy, it doesn’t mean you have to be completely incapacitated this week. Instead, go within to access your energy reserves and restore your inner strength.

You may also find that your inner strength and confidence is compromised this week. You may be doubting yourself and your ability to move through any challenges that have come your way. This is your opportunity to go deep within, and reconnect with your inner source of power and strength. You may have relied on others to provide this to you in the past, but the important lesson here is that only YOU can do this and you will be at your strongest when you discover how to find that part of you that is fierce and powerful!

Ask the Tarot: How can I restore my inner strength?”


* * *


* * *

I am indeed “feeling exhausted,” “lacking in strength, vitality and energy,” and “doubting” myself and my “ability to move through … challenges” this week (Esselmont). So this card is a nice reminder and encouragement for me. 

I also had never thought of viewing “feeling exhausted” as an Opportunity – an “opportunity to reconnect with” my “inner source of power and strength (Esselmont).”

Literally – like – “Yay, this week I get to really challenge myself”, or “Awesome, I get to utilize my inner reserves!”

So that’s an interesting way to view it instead of just “Oh my god, I”m so exhausted.” I’m going to give that a go, I think.

My exhaustion is temporary anyway, and I know it. Started work at a retail store last week after 15 years of cushy office work and my body is coming up the physical labor remembrance curve hard and fast, taking no prisoners. So positive outlooks have been getting washed away by “Oh my god I just need to sleep 16 hours to rejuvenate.”  I’m feeling good tonight, but that’s only because I slept all last night and half of today, and that seems to be what it takes to recover from working.

Going to come back to this and re read after my next shifts so I can remember that its a blessing to have the opportunity to give my inner reserves of strength a trial run here and there.

Hope it helps some of you as well!

And you can click here if you want to read up on Biddy’s official Strength card attributes, both Upright and Reversed, in more detail.


Works Cited

Esselmont, Brigit. “Strength Reversed.” Received by Michelle Sebly, 6 Aug 2018.

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