Test Reading: Last Paycheck

Testing for accuracy. Test Running a spread. Also shows the thought process behind my readings. Shows how the Tarot can be applied as a tool to the simplest of situations and questions. This is why I only charge 5US$ sometimes, depending upon the simplicity of the question. Thoughts and Interpretations from readers welcome!!! The Question... Continue Reading →

Biddy Tarot Card of the Week

"Harness your passion and inject it into the ideas you feel the strongest pull towards. You’ll know the ideas to pursue by the energy they give you – this week anything expansive that feels like the beginning of a new life is for you!"  - Brigit Esselmont For more information: Biddy Tarot: Page of Wands

Manifestation Challenges

Some things the Queen of Pentacles reversed and the King of Swords upright have in common are themes of separation, of isolation from others, and of holding oneself separate, whether it's conscious, or unconsciously done (Pollack). And it makes sense if you think about it. Upright, the Queen of Pentacles is immersed in the abundance... Continue Reading →

Horses in the Tarot (Rider Waite)

Inspired by the Knight of Wands exploration, I went through the entire Rider Waite deck and pulled out the cards featuring horses that are in addition to the four Knights. I found three. Interestingly, all the horses have riders and all the pairs are traveling in the same direction, to the right (and future?). Two... Continue Reading →

Conflicted: the Knight of Wands

This card may surprise you, because its not a card traditionally associated with feelings of conflict. That being said, its a card I have come to personally associate with those things. I think I first interpreted it this way for a client's reading, but then later realized it applies to me with regard to certain... Continue Reading →

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