Numerology of 555 with Takanta

I have had my attention brought to one of the coolest metaphysical systems – one that has been hidden and guarded for a long time and which is emerging once again to be utilized by humankind. This ancient system is called Takanta and it includes a numerological system.

In explaining the phenomenon we know as “angel numbers,” the Takanta website (found at that I reference here tells us that:

“every day we humans manifest our wishes, thoughts, and energies out into the universe.

You are sometimes doing it consciously, but sometimes also completely subconsciously . . .

. . . through Takanta Numerology, through angel numbers and secret hidden messages, you start to notice the help that’s arriving your way . . .

. . . (This) could help you with your relationships, romance … (as well as) play an important part in your friendships or work and career.”

Ricketts, M. (2021). 555 Meaning: Angel Number [Spiritual Guide]. Takanta. Https://

This author explains the premise behind “angel numbers” in the most succinct way I’ve seen yet. I am super impressed and was excited to look through this website, and I invite you all to have a look inside it if you are interested in numerology! They go on to explain that …

“It is believed that your spirit guides are not allowed to communicate with you in the most direct and obvious ways.

“This is why they have to use very subtle ways to nudge you and make you notice all the messages they are trying to communicate across to you.

“From what is known about them, your guardian angels instead might just quietly whisper in your ear at the right time and in the right place for you to look at that clock on the wall and see the triple number more often.”

(They are VERY quiet sometimes!)

“They might also arrange that specific car to suddenly get in front of your car so you accidentally have to pay attention to its number plate.

“And the number plate of course has a visibly noticeable repeating combination of (an angel number) looking right back at you.”

(I see them all the time in my bank balance, purchase amounts, number of comments in a social media post, so repetitively that you cannot blame it on coincidence, EVERYTHING I use on a daily basis.)

“But why would they use such methods to even communicate with you in the first place?

“What’s their motive? 

“Well, it is believed that your guardian angels obviously want to look out for you and guard you.

“They want to inform you of whether what you are doing is the right thing to do or not.

“They want you to know what to expect in the future and what to prepare for.

“This is where numerology comes in.

“There are many different combinations of these angel numbers, with their own meaning.

“Each number combination has a specific meaning and message behind it. 

“. . . each of those parts, sections, and meanings of such number patterns become stronger and deeper whenever the number appears multiplied . . . (and) even stronger than that, when it appears in the sequence three times.”

In addition to this, Takanta says that the the first number in a three digit angel number represents that past, the second the present, and the third the future – something I have never seen before, and I love! They describe the three parts like this:

  • “The first part of your number pattern tells you about how the upcoming event will arrive in your life. It represents how you will transition into this incoming change.
  • “The middle part of this numerology combination is the main event itself. It’s the core message of what’s about to happen in your life.
  • “And finally, the last part of these numbers represent the post-event period. The settlement time of all the changes and events in your life. It’s about how your life will look like, feel like, and how you will react once the changes have occurred.”

And now onto 555 …

“555 angel number is one of the numerology combinations that many people believe your guardian angels are using to communicate with you, or to warn you”

Takanta tells us that

“the true meaning of this repeating number pattern is that you are about to experience more love, clarity, and abundance in your life . . .

. . . Your life will be filled with love and compassion so you can overcome the challenges you are facing and fulfill your Divine calling and life’s purpose here on Earth.”

They say that

“These changes and manifestations will take place in the area of your life that you’ve been focusing on the most recently”

… and most notably in the areas of :

1. Family, Relationships, and Love, 

2. Friendships, Community, and Support, 

3. and Work, Career, Growth, and Learning.

We will look at each one of these three areas in posts of their own, since the information Takanta provides is quite detailed and extensive.

For more information about Takanta numerology itself, you can explore their “About” page at To read about the number 555, see their article at And if you are interested in a free Takanta numerological reading, you can reach out at

I will be back soon with a post discussing Takanta’s take on the meanings of the Angel Number 555 concerning Family, Relationships, and Love.

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