“God Is Like Abs”

Love this! And excellent advice!

Radiate & Inspire

God puts different obstacles and challenges in our lives for reasons. Many times, we can become a greater person through the difficulties and learn from them.

But when we are in a period that seems like we are drowning and that there is no upside to whatever we are facing, it is easy to become distant from God. Heck, it’s easy to become distant from God even when you are content with life or your relationship with Him.

Why is that?

Because our relationship with God is something that we have to constantly work at.

God is a good God, and He wants us to reach out to Him. He longs for us so badly that He sent down His only son to be beaten and crucified just so we could be saved. He has done His part already, now He is just waiting on our response.

Sometimes I think…

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