Boys don’t Cry

This makes me so glad we figured out that our 7 year old was being bullied by his own teacher and that we were able to rectify the situation.

No one should have to live like this their entire school career!

Weeping Pines

Remember the carefree days of school-when we’d run around aimlessly through dusty playgrounds, veering off pillars in the corridors, gliding across passages, sliding down a banister in the stairwell only to find a frowning principal, hands solemnly behind his back, busy conjuring creative punishments, sardonically smiling, when we’d kick a soccer ball with all our might, hunch together to grumble about the endless assignments teachers threw at the hapless souls we thought of us, scribbling names on the greasy desks with a date, an act of remembrance, bickering over now trivial then frivolous matters? We invariably reminisce days spent at school as blissful, days when the only worries eclipsing our frolicking days were assignments, tests, exams, an inconsequential fight with a friend and if we could triumph over time, build a time-turner, we would happily slip into the days that were.

I zealously wish I could think of my schooling…

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