Keeping my mind on track…


Having just taken time to reply to Perimenopausal Ponderings‘ latest post, it got me think about what goes through my head when I do finally find the time and uninterrupted space to meditate. Her question was about the types of crutches we use to get us through the day. Mine is meditating or gin!

I’ve given up expecting the dog and my family to work it out for themselves that me, sitting quietly with my eyes shut, headphones on, deep breathing, is me meditating. The preparation for those ten short minutes is almost a ritual in itself.

It starts with me giving the dog some cuddles, declaring my intention to have ten minutes, grabbing the headphones and getting comfortable. With my Mums Radar switched to quiet mode, I fire up my meditation app and chose a session from a pack I’ve loaded earlier or go with the daily offering.

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