The Flight to Freedom: The Story of Hagar and The Promise Received.​

Breaching The Walls


The Egyptian handmaid Hagar carry’s a certain stigma about her persona as someone who is fleeing the scene of the first ever recorded biblical instance of domestic strife. Sarai deals harshly with her (Gen. 16:6), constantly nagging, pointing the finger which causes Hagar to feel ostracized and run away. Though Hagar became disrespectful towards Sarai during her pregnancy, which she was given no option, feelings of frustration arise and her natural tendency at that moment is to retreat into the distance and find refuge back in Egypt. Hagar’s defiant will doesn’t help her cause to the path of freedom from slavery but only gracefully intensifies the promise that would soon be presented through her child. The racial and gender makeup of Hagar can’t be overlooked but the reasoning behind her flight stems from a response issue and not just from a race or gender-related issue. The Sovereignty of…

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