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Fiery K. is a Solitary Eclectic Witch who has been exploring the Tarot informally for 22 years, reading professionally since 2005. She reads both privately and at parties, most notably for the Mardi Gras Masqued Ball of the Caroline County Council of Arts, and recently for a private garden party. Drawing upon a lifetime of intuitive experience and a strong connection with her Source, she primarily works with The Sacred Circle Tarot by Anna Franklin and Paul Mason, and utilizes various other favorite decks as well.


photo credit :  “Tarot spread” (The Gilded Tarot)

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My First Pet Reading!

Opie’s mom just confirmed that I “nailed” his personality! This was so much fun! Normal Pet Readings will be more than 11 USD so get your Summer Deal while you can! I loved doing this, could do it all day lol! Specific Questions about pets welcome too!

The Spinsta Life

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Readings are currently only 11 USD for my Annual Summer Sale!

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For Opie Jax

I shuffled once. Got the Wheel of Fortune. Thought it was just a holdover from my last reading, that I hadn’t shuffled well enough, so reshuffled. Got the Wheel again. The Wheel it is!

The-Wheel-of-Fortune-Tarot-Card-Meanings-Rider-Waite-Tarot-Deck-1280x960-1200x900Significator Card: Wheel of Fortune.

Opie is mercurial minded – he can feel one way one day, and another the next, many times the direct opposite! Always curious, always sniffing out new adventures, always “getting into trouble.” He is surrounded by protective and guiding friends, physical and otherwise – because he needs them in this lifetime! He is “too” inquisitive, and it has the potential to get him into serious trouble sometimes. Out of all the Beings on this card – he sees himself most as the eagle…

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The Mathematics of Dying — O at the Edges

Reminds me of my dad.

The Spinsta Life

The Mathematics of Dying Always the sense of negation, of winnowing those bits you once were. The male grackle struts and displays his tail feathers. Everything slanting towards null, even the treetops. The female’s smaller body lacks blue overtones. A misread signal, the unheeded warning, ignored pain. Counting beaks, adding wings, subtracting heartbeats. The image […]

via The Mathematics of Dying — O at the Edges

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Mushrooms = Red Meat?

The Spinsta Life

Substitute Mushrooms for Red Meat

Want to lose seven pounds? One of the most logical ways to lose that weight is to simply eat fewer calories than your body needs. But just eating less is not necessarily the answer to long-term weight loss. However, one of the most intriguing, delicious and effective ways to cut calories without actually eating less is to swap mushrooms in place of red meat. The results of a clinical trial published in Appetite suggests that when this is done, it may lead to a reduction of calories, body weight, body fat, body mass index, waist circumference and more. A 7-pound loss is definitely possible. What’s more, weight loss seems to be well maintained while following this strategy. So fire up the grill and toss on a portobello for a delicious, sizzling mushroom “steak.”

Mushroom Melt Veggie Burger

Sunny Mushroom Nuggets

Mushroom Kale Rice Bowl


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The Wheel of Fortune: My Take

Interpretation (from Wikipedia:

A common aspect to most interpretations of this card within a reading is to introduce an element of change in the querent’s life, such change being in station, position or fortune: such as the rich becoming poor, or the poor becoming rich.[4][5][6]

At the top of the wheel perches the sphinx, who is there to remind us that if we stay stable amidst turmoil and use reasoning then we can retain the power to change our own lives instead of staying at the mercy of chance.[7]


A blog post that really exemplifies the Wheel:

Defining’s When There’s Not a Reason




(from “Tarot Plain and Simple” by Anthony Louis)

  • La Roue de Fortune, La Rueda de la Fortuna
  • A change for the better
  • Good luck
  • Advancement
  • Opportunity
  • Important developments
  • Improvements
  • Rapid change
  • The upside of a cycle
  • Fate
  • Destiny
  • Progress
  • New doors open
  • The ups-and-downs of Fortune
  • Tao
  • A fortunate turn of events
  • A lucky break
  • The end of one phase and the start of a new one
  • Improving circumstances
  • Gambling
  • Games of chance
  • Lady Luck
  • A new vehicle (new wheels)
  • Karma
  • Everything changes
  • You cannot step in the same river twice




The Spinsta Life

(from my “Once Upon a Time” assignment in the Biddy Tarot Certification Program.)

A group of beings inhabit a realm Above. Four (4) are studying, one (1) is supporting the learning materials, one (1) is presiding over all, and one (1) is taking the information from their realm to that of Below. If clouds are considered to be Beings, they are a part of this story as well, supporting those that study and looking on in general interest.

Three (3) Beings hold their books with their front paws. One (1) with its back paws.

One (1) wears clothes, the rest do not.

All gravitate around the ancient symbols.

Everything happens according to the well orchestrated plan set before them. Like clockwork, they work diligently at their respective tasks. All in their place; each place holding its Being. It looks like a library, or a scene out of a library…

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Meet the Flintstones: Mr B

Just a truly enjoyable post here….

making peace with the wrong side of 40

Sunshine and Mr B have been friends since they were both just kids, back in 1982 or 83. I dont know how on earth they’ve put up with each other for so long, as they are both madly irritating people with oversized personalities. I pick on them a lot, mostly because they’re not here to defend themselves; really, they’re both great people to know and love, and I’m grateful to have them both as part of my life.

Mr B is quite the character. In his life, he has lived so many lifetimes that it’s hard to keep track of all of his incarnations. He’s been in the military, a paint contractor, an evaporative solar cooling system installer, a pilot, a mortician, a caterer, a stone restorer (the guy who fixes those annoying chips and cracks in the marble in hotel lobby floors and residential countertops and shit), and I…

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