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Tiny Lines #52 from Sunshine Bliss

What hurts the most is, Not the separation.. Not even the emptiness.. Defenitly not broken heart.. It’s the fact that, The person who once said- I can’t live without you Is happy without you, So much happier than you have ever seen.. So happy with the someone else That hurts. As depressing and shameless it […]

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So You Smile — Opinionated Head

When the heart is slit open Love drips like blood Thick warm drops or red Trickle down the chest and it’s painful. It’s as if the air around you turns dense and heavy Too heavy to carry, It starts to bend you, exhaust you, But it’s not all in the air, you feel it in […]

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New for the Yule post: The Miser Brothers!

The Grinch (the real one!)

Children’s Bedtime Story from Cory:


And Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

AND Rudolph!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And…. Twas the night before Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Heat and Snow Misers coming as soon as I watch them again :  )

And Little Drummer Boy

And Happy New Year

Can we guess what era I grew up in?



Rainy Car Windows


tree thru rainy window crop 2


Sitting in my car before work.

The word “CARE” has the word “car” embedded in it.


Life looks different when seen through the lens of a rainy dropleted window-shield.

When a tree like this is framed within a photograph, it becomes all that is.

Life becomes beautiful.

What if – we could train our eyes to do what a camera lens does?


This day, this moment, I am doing nothing but sitting outside under the walnut tree, relaxing.

This is my view.

This is all that I am, in this moment.


When at last I took the time to look into the heart of a flower, it opened up a whole new world; a world where every country walk would be an adventure, where every garden would become an enchanted one.”

-Grace Kelly, actress/ Princess of Monaco

* * * * *

Flowers – one of the closest beings to Creative Source, Eckhart Tollet says in his book The New Earth.

A Creation Story

And Mommy said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.

Mommy saw that the light was good? Well, she had her doubts, but she allowed the light to continue,and she separated the light from the darkness.

Mommy called the light “Thursday,” and the darkness she called “Sunday – Maybe?.”

And Mommy took the laundry out of the washing machine and hung it up to dry while she drank her coffee.

And there was the microwave signalling the heating of another cup of coffee, and there was more laundry — the first hour of Thursday.

 * * * 

What are your first morning hours like?
Is what I want to know.
Am I alone in the Coffee Light?
Or are there other gods and goddesses, also creating Light?

Back to life

This is so beautiful and true.Always a good reminder too!

Sunshine Bliss

It was summer when I first saw that tree in front of my window..
It wasn’t lonely.. It had a company standing bright next to it..
It wasn’t sad.. There was always someone watering it’s roots..
But it was empty.. No leaves.. Hardened branches..
I wondered would it die?
The tree next to it always bloomed bright with flowers and green leaves..
Why was this one so bare..?
For a long time I wondered whether it will ever come back to life..
Four rains later..
It’s standing today bright and beautiful
Full of life.. Full of green.. Strong and healthy!
And that’s when I knew.. It’s called life

There will be barriers.. There will be sadness.. There will be loneliness.. There will be emptiness. The pain would make you wonder why are you still alive?
That’s when you should know when the right day comes you will shine again..

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Frequent Colliding


fill the air with pristine

Trembling anew at the sensations provided
the authenticated, yes even validated

Thus structure after structure eventually
subsided, and glinting
particles of nothing coincided, leaving prudent
thoughts to loll around

Or was it

Ahh, who can tell
in this messy world of



Copyright 1995 MDS All Rights Reserved

* * * * *

“The particles are so tiny that the task of making them collide is akin to firing two needles 10 kilometres apart with such precision that they meet halfway.”


* * * * * * *

The Large Hadron Collider

The LHC is the largest machine in the world. It took thousands of scientists, engineers and technicians decades to plan and build, and it continues to operate at the very boundaries of scientific knowledge. 

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